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Phace, Misanthrop & Noisia Redefine Deep DnB

neosignal-004-cctv-factory-5Phace, Misanthrop and Noisia released their latest Neosignal 12″ on September 9th. In my opinion, this release crowns these guys as the new trailblazers of deep drum & bass. Phace & Noisia collaborated on the A side track, “CCTV,” which takes drum & bass to a new level. Loads of atmosphere, distorted bass, percussive sound effects and a healthy dose of silence. At the 1:38 mark, is a crucial bass sound that I’ve never heard before. Why the F didn’t it last longer!? At full steam, the tune sounds like demonic robots beatboxing in a pool of mud. Bravo.

On the flip side is “Factory 5,” by Misanthrop. A hard driving d’n'b tune with creepy pads and sound effects that may have come from the movie Event Horizon. It doesn’t leave as deep an impression as “CCTV,” but still a sick addition to any hard drum & bass collection.

For those of you in the U.S., The Phace / Neosignal North American Tour will be happening in January 2010. Check myspace.com/phacepunks for more info.  ~ tom

Hear more Phace, Misanthrop & Noisia on iTunes.

MP3 1: Phace & Noisia – CCTV
MP3 2: Misanthrop – Factory 5

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